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We love fueling growth for clients in almost any sector or industry you can imagine. Explore some of our most successful and innovative work.

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It starts and ends with our people. We’re not just incredible problem solvers. We love what we do (and it shows). Our work is exceptional, but our people are world class. You’ll love working with us.

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Our strategists combine expertise and empathy, with methodologies tailored to exceed your long-term goals. Let us increase your sales and revenue or reinvent how customers experience your website and products. 

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Our Principles

We deliver Advanced Digital Strategies for clients based on three unwavering beliefs:



To be competent at something takes effort, commitment and lots of practice. But to be truly great takes dedication and a competitive spirit. At FTF we don’t offer services to clients unless we are truly great at it – not good, not better than average, but great. Excellence is much more than competence, and thats what you can expect from us.



The best results always come from a solid partnership, one based on communication and trust. Trust that we have your best interest in mind. Trust that we will be open and transparent about everything that we do on your behalf. And trust that we know what we are doing.



We are proud to say that we are Philly tough – and gritty. Other marketing services firms can talk all they want about “Big data this” and “AI that” but hard work, grit and determination is what it takes to do better, be better, and win.



Nick Eubanks

Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Nick launched I’m From The Future in 2014, which later rebranded to From The Future after acquiring 2 other digital agencies. In his role Nick manages strategy and product innovation for FTFs clients.

David Herscott

Managing Partner

David joined From the Future in 2020 after 25 years working in Digital Agencies. Starting at Modem Media in the mid 90’s, David went on to co-found and eventually sell two agencies of his own: MEA Digital (acquired by Advanta Bank), and NetX (now part of House of Kaizen). David has two primary responsibilities at FTF: CEO and Chief Client Advocate.

Neil Bar-or

Managing Partner

Neil has been marketing at the intersection of technology and creative for over twenty years for clients such as UFC, Adidas, and Sheraton Hotels. Before FTF, Neil started Plush Digital, pioneering the use of consumption data for some of the most effective acquisition campaigns on the planet.