Introducing Linkbuildr – A WordPress Plugin for Automating Content Promotion

If you’re like most marketers and bloggers on the internet, you probably don’t like promoting your content.

But, the reality is you should be spending 80% of your content marketing time promoting, and only 20% creating. More so, it’s important to understand the psychology of sharing (and promotion), which has found that ~69% of folks share content for self-fulfillment.

Not surprisingly, because egobait still works.

But promoting content is tedious

This is why the egobait strategy is still alive and well, because if you’re going to invest all the time in sharing your content with influential folks, you can at least lower the bar by sharing it with people who themselves are directly motivated to share your content (since your content in turn actively promotes them).

What if it was easier?

Linkbuildr was created to make this process easier, by automating the outreach component.

How does it work?

Linkbuildr Scans All Your Outbound Links

When you publish a new blog post Linkbuildr scans through your post and identifies all the outbound links.

On new posts, you will need to save the post as a draft first so Linkbuildr can go do it’s thing, but then you’re given the option on whether or not you want to have this post trigger Linkbuildr to send the emails on your behalf:

You can Add a Name & Email for Each

It then allows you to cycle through them and add a name and email address for each website.

Set a Custom Email Template for Each Contact

Or they can all use the same one, but you can customize this if you want to. Then when you click publish, Linkbuildr uses the email template you selected for the specific post and personalizes each message before emailing every contact you’ve added.

Only Mail Who You Want

If you don’t want to email a contact linked to from you post – just skip them (or unsubscribe them).

Then when you publish, all the emails are sent and customized based on your template. They also automatically include social share links that will pre-populate posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

It supports GDPR compliance

We’ve added unsubscribe functionality and the ability to completely expunge all data from Linkbuildr’s database to support compliance with GDPR.

On top of that, we’ve added functionality so you can set a custom unsubscribe page that will automatically inherit all styles form your active WordPress Theme. Pretty slick right?

Also, it’s completely free

Linkbuildr has a free forever plan. We do plan to release a paid version very soon with a few more features, but all the features I’ve listed in this post are all included for free, and always will be.

Download a copy for free

Nick Eubanks

 | November 25 ,2019