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Performance Media

Connect with the right audience, at the right place, at the right time.

Audience Connections Backed By Strategy

Performance media isn’t just about generating sales – it’s about creating a lasting relationship with your audience that will continue to be mutually beneficial for years to come..

With a full funnel performance media strategy, you can ensure you are targeting your customers with engaging content that generate increasing conversions and leads.

Using real-time reporting, you can be confident that your marketing budget is being deployed efficiently as we continually make adjustments to increase the bang for your media-spend buck.

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Start With A Frictionless Funnel

The user journey on your website is just as important as the strategy behind your performance media.

Before you start allocating your paid media budget, we’ll make sure your site has a flawless user experience and frictionless conversion funnel. Using relevant landing pages and creative, you’ll captivate your audience from the very beginning, ensuring the beginning of a fruitful relationship.

23% average AOV increase

3.7x average ROAS after 4 months

31% average CPC decline after 4 months

Performance Media Services & Capabilities

Audience Research Data Segmentation & Platform Identification Funnel Analysis & Landing Page Development Ongoing Campaign Management Iteration
Audience Research

The ultimate goal of a performance media campaign is to create a positive return on investment for your company. But, to get there, we first need to get to know your audience.

We want to have a full understanding of your audience – who they are, what platforms they use, and how they spend their money. Our team will analyze your existing data, company goals, and existing KPIs to identify target audience segments and their potential value.

Data Segmentation & Platform Identification

After identifying the who behind your audience, it’s time to determine what they’re doing and where they’re spending time online.

Before we start spending your performance media dollars, we want to make sure we’re targeting your audience with the right ads on the right platforms. Our team will segment your audience in line with your existing KPI’s and identify the platforms where they live, breathe, and spend money.

Funnel Analysis & Landing Page Development

Creating an ideal user experience is integral to our performance media strategy. Our paid media strategists will analyze your conversion funnel from top to bottom to ensure the user journey is entirely frictionless.

From there, we can create landing pages that speak to the problem the user is trying to solve.

Ongoing Campaign Management

After building a rock solid strategy, our team can launch the first performance media campaign. With engaging copy and eye-catching creative, you can be sure we’re capturing your audience’s attention on the platforms they use most frequently.

Don’t worry – we’ll keep you updated throughout the process with key data insights and performance metrics so you know exactly how your campaign is performing.


It’s no secret that a single strategy won’t work forever – especially as the digital space continues to grow and evolve. So, we want to make sure we are constantly improving your performance media campaigns.

Our team will continue to analyze your audience, create new segments, and adjust our strategy based on past campaign data, new goals, and updated KPIs.