120% Increase in Organic Traffic and Qualified Leads

AvidXchange needed a Partner to design and implement an end-to-end strategy to unify 3 acquired brands into a single, high-performance experience.


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic keyword rankings


Increase in qualified leads

The Client

At the end of 2016, AvidXchange was exploding through a combination of development and increasing popularity of it’s industry-leading accounts payable automation product and directly through mergers and acquisitions.

The strategic expansion included the acquisition of three companies, each bringing with it it’s own website; Piracle.com, StrongroomSolutions.com and EnergySolve.com.

FTFs Strategy team mapped all the content to customer journey stage and the most relevant, qualified keywords and went to work building a new singular AvidXchange.com to unify all of the brands, products, and content.

The Strategy

Create a detailed technical roadmap to handle the migration of 4 existing brand websites into a single one.

Understand each website’s unique value proposition and audience through a deep UX audit and customer journey buildout.

A new website and brand identity to manage the 4 websites and better nurture website traffic into leads.

An ongoing organic growth plan to build organic traffic and leads.

Team Meeting

The Campaign

The scope was to design, develop, and launch a new website to combine the acquired brands, and position AvidXchange for its continued large-scale growth in the AP Automation space.

On top of this, we set an aggressive three-month timeline from engagement to launch, so the design requirements, technical requirements, development QA, and user experience all had to be meticulously prepared for a smooth execution.

The Results

FTF delivered on time and on budget. All three acquired company websites (and their corresponding content and SEO rankings, were all folded in AvidXchange.com) as you can see from navigation to their respective URLs: Piracle.comStrongroomSolutions.com, and EnergySolve.com

AvidXchange now had beautiful and intuitive user experience, designed as a platform to support its digital marketing and lead generation efforts. Since re-launch less than a year ago, organic traffic is up 120%, goal conversions from organic search have increased 63%, and mobile organic traffic is up 159%.

At a Glance


increase In organic traffic


increase in organic qualified leads.


increase in organic keyword rankings

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