0 to 150,000 SEO Visits per Month

Launching a Blog for Sandals Resorts

Sandals Resorts engaged FTF to design (including coming up with a name), built on a Headless CMS, and launch Hello Paradise! The first blog on the brand’s website in the company history.


New organic revenue


Organic visits per month


New organic leads

What Stands Out

  • 0 to 150,000 SEO visits/month.
  • New, organic channel for passive audience growth (including emails for audience development on other platforms).
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in new, incremental online revenue.

The Client

Sandals Resorts is the premier singles all inclusive destination resort in the Caribbean. After maximizing organic reach for the middle and bottom of their conversion funnel, FTF identified the need for solution to target visitors earlier in the purchase journey.

FTF analyzed and vetted a dozen potential content management solutions, and ended up recommending Ghost, because it’s lightweight, well documented, and well maintained.

When Sandals engineering team was too bogged down working on the next version of the product website, FTF jumped in and assumed full control of the blog design, development, and launch project.

Project Requirements

  • Headless CMS that plays nice with legacy systems.
  • No WordPress.
  • Mobile first and FAST (min FCP / TTI requirements).
  • Markdown language supported.

The Strategy

Blending data from organic, paid, direct, and email to create a bigger picture of Sandal’s overall audience profile, FTF designed the go to market content calendar.

Our Digital Strategists then mapped out how the new website would fit into the existing domain’s user journey and internal link structure.

The Campaign

Design was quick, leveraging as many existing components available within the Ghost ecosystem, and development was painless thanks to Ghost’s clean code and up to date documentation.

FTF delivered Hello Paradise! A new branded blog experience for Sandals Resorts, in only a few short weeks.

Working With Us

Working with From The Future is unlike all the other agencies I’ve worked with before. They are at the top of their field when it comes to knowledge, and I consider the FTF team we work with an extension of my in-house team.

– Wesley van der Hoop | Head of SEO, Sandals Resorts

The Results

Over 150,000 organic visits per month with no signs of slowing down.

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