Website ReDesign & ReLaunch

A Fresh New Interface & User Experience
for American Collectors


Increase in online quotes


Increase in new applications


Increase in organic revenue

A Nostalgic Concept

The visual strategy for this project included using old school / vintage photos with a Polaroid treatment for a retro feel in order to appeal to the older demographic. High contrast colors and an easy to read sans serif font helped keep the mobile design accessible (and usable for screen readers) but also created a crisp feel for site copy.

User journeys were mapped to shorten the journey from initial visit, to quote and payment, making a substantial improvement to the site’s overall conversion rate.

This project also included development of a micro-site within the new website to support growing the community aspect of their business which includes their guides, contests, clubs and events.

Built for Autonomy

FTFs engineers design a set of feature blocks in Gutenberg with components to support all the interfaces patterns needed across all of the designs new templates.

FTFs content strategist‘s blended the Company’s rich history with a modern approach to creating style and tone within the site’s copy. We wanted to deliver an important, trust-worthy message while not turning away younger collectors.

A Mobile First Approach

While our research showed that over 55% of traffic was via Desktop, however, we found that the vast majority of top-of-funnel traffic was coming in on mobile. FTFs strategists decided on a mobile-first approach for both form and function. Desktop patterns were reconfigured, not shrunk, for optimal use on mobile.

This fact coupled with Google’s move to a mobile-first (and soon to be mobile-only) index made this a no brainer for delivering a solution that was scalable and sustainable.

Cloud Blue


Sky Blue


ACI Blue


Navy Blue




From The Future paints with gumdrops on canvases woven of a unicorn’s mane.

Chris Gilbert | American Collectors Insurance