ROOST Apartment Hotels

Increasing Revenue by 41% While Decreasing CPA by 74%

FTF partnered with ROOST Apartment Hotel’s to increase their Return on Ad Spend to over 800% during Covid-19.


Increase in monthly revenue


Increase in conversion rate


Decrease in CPA

Fun Fact

ROOST came to FTF after another prominent paid media (only) agency wasn’t able to find profitability from the channel.

The Client

ROOST Apartment Hotel provides furnished, fully equipped studio, one and two-bedroom apartments for temporary and extended stays in the heart of Philadelphia. Get all the services and amenities of a boutique hotel in the comfort of your own space.

Ad ROOST prepared for aggressive expansion along the East Coast, they engaged FTF to help them design and launch a paid media strategy to validate their market opportunities.

The Strategy

Launch small and sprint toward profitability. Initial cost per conversions were projected to be near $500 based on market saturation and a few large, established competitors.

FTF’s Paid media Strategy was to be proactive in managing negative keywords, tightly manage exact match and phrase match tests for signs of wasted Ad spend, and kill campaigns as soon as they were deemed under-performers.

All of this would be driven by analytics, starting with FTF validating all data was flowing accurately from ROOST’s booking portal (Windsurfer) and their Google Data Studio dashboards.

The Campaign

Things quickly progressed as FTF was able to considerably drive down the cost per conversion while driving up both the campaigns overall conversion rates and overall ROAS.

When we hit the slow season in Q1 of 2020 we expected things to level off, and were actually quite encouraged finishing March exceedingly strong in terms of ROAS.

Then Covid-19 took it’s toll, starting in April 2020. Return on Ad Spend plummeted as cost per acquisition shot up over 30%. May was a challenging month of analysis and creative strategy.

Ultimately, after a rocky May, FTF was able to get things back on the right track (and trajectory) starting in June, and have been able to soldier on up the hill of higher ROAS ever since.

Client Experience

We have worked with From the Future for a few years now and they have proven to be a valuable and knowledgeable partner. They offer insight tailored to our specific business and have a solid understanding and awareness of our brand. Their expertise in marketing is clear and helps us to reach more of the right customers. They report and measure results in a transparent and actionable manner which helps to constantly improve on our strategy. They have been both flexible and innovative in some of our most challenging stretches as well.

– Jack McCabe
Vice President of Strategy

The Results

After 14 rocky months navigating a new customer acquisition campaign for a long-term stay company, during one of the most devastating travel periods in modern history, ROOST is back on track for profitable growth.

Overall the campaign has led to success with ROOST planning to continue to open new locations across the Eastern Seaboard in 2021.

Overall online bookings are up over 41%, the conversion rate from paid is up 159% from the start of the campaign, and the ROAS for October 2020 hit 820%, the second highest ever.

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