Sandals Resorts

Over 1,700% Increase in Single Page SEO Revenue

Sandals Resorts is the leading operator of all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean.


increase in organic page revenue


increase in organic page visits


increase in organic keyword rankings

A Trusted Partner

Working with FTF is unlike all the other agencies I’ve worked with before. They are at the top of their field when it comes to knowledge, and I consider the people we work with an extension of my in-house team.

– Wesley van der Hoop – Head of SEO, /

The Client

Sandals Resorts is an operator of all-inclusive resorts for couples in the Caribbean. They approached us with clear cut goals and objectives:

  1. Increase organic visits to the all inclusive page via organic search
  2. Increase overall SEO rankings for the all inclusive page, specifically for the keyword “all inclusive resorts”
  3. Increase bookings revenue from the all inclusive page


The team at From The Future delivered on those goals, and more…

Client Experience

We presented the team at From The Future with big goals for the campaign. They came through in a big way, our rankings and organic traffic for our “All Inclusive” page is at an all time high, thanks to the work From The Future.

– Juan Tascon – Search Marketing Manager,

The Strategy

In order to compete on a SERP dominated by aggregator websites (, Costco, Travelocity, and at the time containing not a single brand result) the strategy boils down to “creating the best page on the internet to represent this query.”

This meant we needed to create a beautiful, fast website that provided all of the context a visitor may be looking for; where are the resorts, what do they include, what’s the guest experience like, and what are all the different ways a searcher might be looking for this information – including what order must it be presented in.

sandals seo team

The Campaign

After a detailed technical SEO audit of the Client’s legacy ColdFusion CMS, we created technical requirements that first needed to be cleaned up, focusing first on reigning in the site’s crawl budget and reducing keyword cannibalization.

From there we built a topic model using semantic keyword data that we believed best represented all the terms and content that would be needed to allow a page unlike all the current ranking URLs to break into the top results on This meant redesigning the pages content and experience, refactoring the HTML to be both fast but contextually relevant of all the semantic terms identified within the topic model, making sure the page was as fast as possible – which in itself presented a lot of challenges as this specific query is indicative of being an image heavy web page.

Getting the page rebuilt took a few months. The company is a BIG company and their full-time development team had a lot of priorities ahead of our technical requirements.

Because if this we worked where we could outside of the page code to make incremental increases in ranking the page, this included rebuilding the site’s sitemaps, robots.txt files, cleaning up all settings within Google Search Console, and starting to build links.

As iterative changes were made to the page, and even the site overall (we built a blog for this client on the Ghost platform and worked closely with their internal IT teams to get it deployed; giving us even more opportunity to push more relevant content and support internal links.

What Stands Out

#1 Ranking for “all inclusive resorts”

1,100% increase in organic visits to page

$177,000 increase in single page SEO revenue.

The Results

The ultimate result was moving from the top of page 2 to #1 ranking for the main keyword (and thousands of other related terms) on both mobile and desktop SERPs.

The increase in rankings led to a net increase of organic traffic to the target page of almost 1,100% (from 16,547 visits on January 1st to 194,577 visits by June).

This led to taking this page from creating no revenue (literally $0) to a page that generated $177,000 in just online sales in 6 months.

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