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Think of us as your B2B SaaS marketing coaches. We are with you every step of the way to build the strategy and infrastructure to drive MQLs for your sales experts. By engaging prospects at every stage of the decision journey, we chase more than just bottom of the funnel traffic. We also value mid and upper funnel marketing tactics to ensure we are supporting sales with increased brand awareness and lead nurturing initiatives, which is critical since most B2B Saas purchasing decisions involve multiple players.

We know reporting lies at the heart of every SaaS campaign. We obsess over the data and stay focused on metrics that drive growth through both paid and organic channels. We follow the prospect beyond the lead capture and ensure that data from all third party platforms are integrated. Once we solidify the closed loop reporting system, we can effectively measure ROI and access a wealth of insight to drive strategy and pivot when needed.

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Joanna Katz

Joanna is a seasoned marketing professional with over 20 years digital experience on both client and agency sides. As a growth strategist, Joanna drives the overall cross-channel digital marketing strategy while also working with partners to ensure their marketing infrastructure is set up to successfully support pipeline and customer growth. Her passions are coaching entrepreneurs, speaking Spanish and traveling. Joanna holds an MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business and works out of the Los Angeles Office.

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