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This webinar will cover exactly how you can leverage GA4's new capabilities for closed loop reporting within the Saas industry.

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GA4 for SaaS Webinar

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About This Webinar

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As different industries start to navigate their transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, it is important to understand how exactly you can leverage the platform’s new capabilities for your business. 

One of the biggest challenges Software as a Service companies face with Universal Analytics is the inability to track users beyond the lead funnel. There is valuable data in understanding the full user journey, from first click to lead form to product usage to ultimate churn. Luckily, GA4 has made it possible for you to track users beyond the lead. In this webinar led by From The Future’s Head of Analytics, Josh Silverbauer, SaaS leaders will learn exactly how to leverage Google’s new analytics capabilities to benefit their company. 


What You’ll Learn: 

  • How to setup GA4 to assist with SaaS KPIs 
  • Specific reports that are helpful for SaaS 
  • How the UserID works with the Google Cookie ID and revolutionizes cross device tracking
  • GA4’s customizable capabilities for the SaaS industry
  • How you can use GA4 to support a full user journey


Join us on Wednesday July 27th, 2022 to see exactly how the GA4 transition is impacting SaaS companies as a whole.

Meet the Presenter

Josh Silverbauer | Head of Analytics / Partner
JOSHUA SILVERBAUER is a Partner & Head of Analytics at I'm From the Future — which specializes in SEO, Paid Media, Digital Analytics, and Conversion Rate Optimization. Josh has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes to help them understand how to track their data more efficiently and make decisions using that data, which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates and more powerful marketing strategies. He also writes rock operas.