Keyword Research for Conversions

Traditional keyword research focuses on volume, we use "intent" - we'll teach you exactly how you can too.

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Revenue > Traffic. Learn how to find keywords with high purchase intent.

What You'll Learn

  • How to find and prioritize keywords by “intent” to build qualified traffic that results in more conversions
  • A deep dive into search intent, keyword modifiers, tagging and large data set analysis
  • Step by step process to performing intent focused keyword research, at scale

Who Should Watch This Webinar?

  • SEO and marketing teams looking to expand their arsenal for tactics to pick up more organic traffic on today’s web
  • Design and development teams looking for a deeper understanding into how their work impacts marketing
  • Marketing and data nerds like us ????

Meet Your Presenter

Nick Eubanks | Head of Strategy
Founder and Head of Strategy at From The Future, Nick has sold multiple businesses, countless websites, and his soul to Google. He's led digital strategy for agencies, SaaS companies, and Ecommerce businesses; leveraging SEO and UX to exponentially grow sales every time.