Local Relevance & Topical Authority

This webinar will cover recent data studies on the impact of links for local rankings, review the links you want, and show you how to steal from your competitors.

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This Webinar Will Cover

  • Local SEO best practices for map pack and real local rankings.
  • How to think about and approach local relevance more so than topical relevance.
  • The importance of link building in local search, backed by new independent data.
  • Affinity categories and Citations.
  • How to complete a competitive analysis for local.
  • The paid links you want.
  • Easy to get hyper-local links.
  • BONUS: A Google DataStudio template for local keyword research.

Meet Your Presenters

Nick Eubanks | Head of Strategy
Nick is the Founder and Head of Strategy at From The Future. He's been building and ranking websites since before it was cool. He's generally obsessed with lead generation and loves beating the crap out of competitors on behalf of our clients.
Blake Denman | President of RicketyRoo
Blake Denman is the President & Founder of RicketyRoo Inc, a local SEO agency, and creator of Very Good Local SEO. Blake has more than 13 years of local SEO experience, speaks at digital marketing conferences on local SEO, and is on the LocalU Faculty. He loves The Office and knows more about the show than you.