Overcome Data Blindspots for B2B SaaS

Learn to leverage and integrate data to make smarter investment decisions & support B2B SaaS business growth.

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Overcome Data blindspots for B2B SaaS

About This Webinar

The quality of the traffic you’re generating is one of the most important metrics to assess when analyzing your demand generation efforts. You may drive tons of users, but if no one is converting, your money is being wasted. Even when they do convert online, the other half of the journey still needs to be completed offline.

Sit down with From the Future’s Head of Analytics, Josh Silverbauer, to discuss the importance of data as it relates to the user journey. Learn how to avoid blindspots to make better performance-based marketing decisions.

What You’ll Learn:

1. The importance of reliable and accurate data

2. How data can be used to support business growth

3. What is user attribution & why does it matter?

4. What data blindspots do most marketers face?

5. How to solve for the limitations of Google Analytics for the B2B SaaS vertical

6. Best practices for data reporting to measure true ROI


“From the Future is one of the premier technical agencies in the world. Their level of knowledge, process and execution is unparalleled in the market. I can’t say enough good things about FTF.”

Matthew Howells-Barby  | Hubspot

Meet the Presenter

Josh Silverbauer | Head of Analytics / Partner
Josh brings over a decade of experience in analytics instrumentation, conversion optimization and data architecture. Prior to joining FTF, he was the founder and CEO of Great Big Digital Agency, an organization focused on analytics, conversion optimization and web development.