I’m From The Future is now From The Future

I’m From The Future is a great name for a five-person agency all sharing the tight quarters of a single office.

It made sense in 2014, when Nick Eubanks founded our agency, turning his personal consulting and digital product businesses into a living, breathing business.

It made sense in 2015, for the small team that operated out of Indy Hall.

It made sense in 2016, when our team outgrew coworking and moved into our cozy office in Fishtown, Philadelphia.  

It made sense in 2017, when we grew even more and had to move again.

But, when looking back from 2018, it doesn’t make sense anymore.

We’re not the boutique agency we once were. We’ve built a much larger team. Our services have evolved. We acquired other companies and made home bases in Philadelphia and Miami. We started developing SEO tools. We launched a technical SEO meetup.

We took a collective breath, looked back at everything that’s happened over the past four years, and decided together that our brand needs an upgrade.

So, we’re changing our brand’s name

Just a little.

From here forward, I’m From The Future will be known as From The Future.

It’s a simple change with simple reasons behind it.

The rebrand came out of a desire to create a more conversational tone that could be applied to the various aspects of the business. We shifted the language to something that could be applied to products, deliverables, and ideas.

So, I’m Matt From The Future.

You’re reading a blog post From The Future.

This dope design was done by Jim From The Future:

Get it? It just makes our brand easier to use, and more streamlined.

From a design perspective, it looks cleaner too. The period at the end of the new logo is there to imply a hard stop, as our brand is most often used at the end of a sentence.

This way, it works seamlessly into our messaging, which isn’t something we could say before.

What else has changed?

For one, our website.

Everything is now under the domain No more Don’t try to visit it. You’ll just be redirected anyway.

Across all of our social channels (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook), you’ll also notice a lot more of this:

In addition to this, we’re planning a full website redesign to reflect the new branding. Keep an eye out for that in the weeks to come, or join our newsletter and we’ll let you know.

It’s important to say that this rebranding doesn’t change anything about the way our company operates. It’s more about us catching up to all the improvements we’ve made over the last year, and giving ourselves a name that fits more comfortably.

We’ll continue to work hard for our clients. We’ll continue to grow internally. We’ll keep producing significant results.

We’ll just be From The Future now.

Matt Schickling

 | June 4 ,2018