Look What You Made Me Do: Lessons Direct-to-Consumer Brands Can Learn from Taylor Swift

The one constant of D2C marketing is change, and companies are always looking for the next strategy that will give them an edge. Sometimes, everything old is new again: Despite the now, now, now, move fast and break things ethos so common to many D2C initiatives, occasionally the most potent tactics are those that have been around for eons—albeit with a fresh digital twist to boost their relevance to today’s discerning customers. The work I do with our clients every day makes it clear that consumers crave authenticity and connection. If you want to turn your audience into passionate fans, you’ve got to foster an almost communal relationship with them. 

You don’t need two guesses to pinpoint the individual who is better at this than anyone on the planet right now. Taylor Swift has become the ultimate D2C marketer, having conquered the music and entertainment industries and forged a seemingly insoluble bond with her fans. 

I accompanied my daughter, a Swiftie of the highest order, to a show when the Eras tour recently roared into Los Angeles. As I took in the scene, I found myself wishing—yes I think about work even when “Blank Space” is filling my ears at volume 11—that some of my clients would photocopy a page or two out of Taylor’s playbook. She has mastered the art of making her fans feel like an intimate, even integral, part of her life and musical journey—and then transforming their sense of belonging into record sales, concert sellouts and (soon) movie tickets as well. 

Electric Touch: The Swift Phenomenon

Taylor Swift’s steady ascent from winsome teenage country starlet to global cultural colossus hasn’t been simply a testament to her musical skills, ample though they are. It has also, in large part, reflected her knack for connecting with her audience almost viscerally. The show my daughter and I saw—more than three hours long; among her other virtues, Taylor Swift works hard for the money—got me thinking about the strategies she employs, and how D2C brands of all kinds can apply similar principles to build a fervent community around their own products or services. 

         Surprise and delight. This is fundamental: Swift regularly astonishes her fans by exceeding their already towering expectations. She hosts listening parties at her various homes, sends personal Christmas gifts to some of her most ardent devotees, asks their opinion about lyrics in progress and even drops new music during casual Instagram chats. These thoroughly modern acts of unexpected kindness—just try to imagine Bob Dylan doing any of this—make her fans feel valued and appreciated. They repay her in kind with devotion. 

         Inclusivity and participation. Swift doesn’t just perform for her fans; she performs with them. The Eras tour exemplifies it. Attending a show is no passive experience. People embody her goodwill with one another: trading bracelets with strangers, singing together like old friends, dressing up in attire that sparks knowing winks and nods. It’s a secret tribal language, maybe, but the tribe is open to anyone similarly disposed. Want admission? Hey, come on in. Swift herself bolsters that sense of community by ensuring that all of the more than 70,000 people at each concert receive a bracelet whose lights synchronize with the music, making everyone—young and old, VIPs and those in the nosebleeds—an active part of the spectacle. 

Gold Rush: Five Tips from the Unquestioned D2C Master

Swift’s approach to building a community of impassioned fans offers valuable lessons for any brand aiming to cement a relationship with dedicated and loyal customers. 

1. Surprise and delight your audience. Do more than you think you need to. Send patrons personal thank-you notes. Offer exclusive discounts. Host surprise events—your version of a listening party or Instagram song release. Shift your marketing strategy from the plainly transactional to the wonder-inducing experiential. This will foster a stronger connection between you and your customers, making them feel like an appreciated, important component of your story. 

2. Make use of authentic influencers. Influencer marketing can be a powerful tool—as long as it’s authentic. Collaborate with those who genuinely align with your brand’s values and resonate with your target audience. They shouldn’t just promote your products but actively participate in your community, sharing their experiences and building trust with your customers. 

3. Consistently engage. Consistency is key to building a thriving group of enthusiasts. Stay engaged with them on social media, respond to their messages and actively seek their feedback. Own your mistakes and atone for them sincerely. Keep the conversation going and be honest, good or bad, and your customers will feel heard—and valued. 

4. Create shareable content. Encourage your fans to become advocates for you through creative challenges, brand-specific hashtags, even content generated by users themselves. Make it easy for them to share their love for what you offer with their own followers and personal or professional networks. Word of mouth has always been the best marketing tool; that’s even more true in a digitally connected world. 

5. Foster a sense of belonging. People want to feel like they’re part of something bigger, a community united by a shared passion. Emotional connections are powerful, able to transform individuals from casual consumers into dedicated, loyal fans. You can’t give out funky interactive bracelets at your live performances, maybe, but you can make people feel included by including them in beta tests, giving out referral codes that they can pass on to friends for rewards, incorporate their views into product development (and let them know about it) or invite them to launch or other events, whether virtual or in-person. 

Brand Engagement: Taylor’s Version 

Companies need to meet their customers where they are. That’s increasingly in the digital realm, of course, but they still crave authentic connection. Swift’s unparalleled ability to create fervent acolytes as if by alchemy offers a blueprint for brands looking to do the same. Adhere to the strategies outlined above and you’ll reap the rewards. 
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Neil Bar-Or

 | January 24 ,2024

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