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Accelerate growth by turning great ideas into revenue generators.

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FTF’s science-based approach — using innovative media strategy, real-time data, and response-optimized creative — has driven efficient, scalable growth for dozens of clients. We’ll help you start from the ground up; or we can  jump in where you need us the most. We’ll help you refine your look and voice, and make sure it’s easy and painless for your ideal customers to find what they’re looking for.  We’ll then help tell your story in a way that stands out, and brings the right audience directly to you — all while meeting the KPIs you’ve set.

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Build on a Rock-Solid Foundation

Our clients’ acquisition machines are only as strong as the foundation they’re built on. We’ll integrate the appropriate tools to create an ad stack that helps to accelerate your growth. Using the right data and technology, we’ll build an ecosystem that scales as your business grows.

$3bn+ driven in client ROI

3.7x typical ROAS increase

320% average audience growth in year one

Build the Strategy, Test the Hypothesis, Scale the Winners

Build the Strategy Define the Tech Stack Your Audience and Decisioning Conversion Rate Optimization Test, Measure, Scale, Repeat
Build the Strategy

While our Growth Amplified™ methodology is a framework that is applicable to virtually every industry, each strategy is bespoke to your business and goals. We start by immersing ourselves in your business: undertaking independent research, interviewing key employees, and poring over your data. We’ll often find out things even you didn’t know!

We then learn about your near- and short-term goals. With this knowledge in mind, along with a number of other factors such as budgets, product price-points, audience, market saturation, target geos, etc. we’ll come up with a plan that allows us to test and scale quickly without huge expenditures before we know the winning combinations of audience, media, and creative.

Define the Tech Stack

Your tech stack is the foundation your business is built on. We help many startups make those early yet fundamental decisions about what stack makes sense now, and into an ROI+ future. We also help established businesses build an “ad stack” that is well integrated into their already existing technology.

We know, that’s a lot of stacks. Suffice it to say we’ll make sure that your systems are integrated in a way that ensure the free-flow of data — respecting privacy norms — and that your tech stack allows you to measure results and report in real time. After all, the ability to be nimble and adjust quickly is imperative to efficient testing and scaling.

Your Audience and Decisioning

As we dive into learning about your business, your audience becomes a key component for decisioning across media channel selection, price points, offers, creative direction, and more. We’ll build out an audience blue-print that segments your audience into categories like low-hanging fruit, big spenders, biggest fans, casual fans etc. We’ll use this data to build media plans with an understanding of the value of each segment. As campaigns begin and data comes in, we’ll continually refine the audience schema and deploy it across multiple campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is like finding money in the couch cushions. So many businesses are unaware of the friction right under their noses that cause potential customers to drop out of the purchase funnel. Forms that are too long, payment methods that aren’t accepted or just difficulty finding the right SKU. These are just a few of the potential pitfalls that cause perfectly qualified users to give up and go elsewhere. Every user that comes to your site and drops out effectively raises the cost of advertising and lowers your ROI.

During the onboarding phase, we’ll conduct a full CRO audit and recommend areas of your site or purchase funnel that should be fixed before we drive paid traffic to your site.

Test, Measure, Scale, Repeat

If we don’t measure it, we can’t improve it. Before we execute any marketing plan, we spend the time to build a tracking schema and then implement the tracking across every relevant platform. Proper tracking is imperative to understanding the performance of both paid and organic media as well as the value of different audiences, platforms and creatives.

Once tracking is in place and verified we move forward with a test, scale, repeat cadence. Put simply, as we test various levers, we look at the data, pick the winners to scale and start all over. Our methodology has us continually testing and endeavoring to “beat our best” squeezing out as much efficiency as possible on the way to exponential ROI.

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